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Title: 2021/6/30 11:26:01
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Title: 2021/4/24 15:51:56
Food was yummy

Title: 2021/3/29 9:06:01
Can you substitute white meat chicken in a dish upon request?

Title: 2021/3/23 6:21:34
Circling back again from the DoorDash Partnerships Team! Our offer is expiring at the end of the month and looking to see if you're interested in the 30 day free trial and only 15% if you'd like to continue. You can use DoorDash drivers or your own. Please feel free to reach out if you're interested or have any questions! 

Title: 2021/2/18 8:48:50
We are trying to place large order for delivery tomorrow at11:30am. 16 orders- Can we fax order and call with credit card? And can you put persons name on each order? Thanks, Lisa ROMOLDinc 529-4440

Title: 2020/9/28 6:21:39
This was my first time ordering from this place. The food was fresh and hot. It tasted good. The service was good. Will try again.

Title: 2020/9/16 10:28:37
The only reason I came here was because they were under American Express SHOP SMALL site which was supposed to get $5 off $10 only to find out they didn’t accept it.

Title: 2020/7/29 15:53:07
our meal was disgusting. The chicken was so hard we could not bite into it and you forgot our egg roll.

Title: 2020/6/4 10:09:58
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Title: 2020/5/18 1:40:44
Osm content in our blog must read it.

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