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Title: 2021/12/6 8:49:17
It has been over a few years since getting food from your place. It was as OUTSTANDING as I remember it. All 3 of us enjoyed the change of pace. Two thumbs up !!!!

Title: 2020/9/28 6:21:39
This was my first time ordering from this place. The food was fresh and hot. It tasted good. The service was good. Will try again.

Title: 2020/9/16 10:28:37
The only reason I came here was because they were under American Express SHOP SMALL site which was supposed to get $5 off $10 only to find out they didn’t accept it.

Title: 2020/7/29 15:53:07
our meal was disgusting. The chicken was so hard we could not bite into it and you forgot our egg roll.

Title: 2020/6/4 10:09:58
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Title: 2020/5/18 1:40:44
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Title: 2020/5/18 0:18:08
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Title: 2020/5/18 0:17:28
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Title: 2020/5/1 13:16:39
can you tell me if you offer delivers please.

Title: 2020/4/1 8:13:33
Do you deliver to 231 Hinchey Road?

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